Apostle Phil Nordin, Ambassador to Zimbabwe

Contact Email: philnordin@me.com

For almost 30 years, Dr. Phil Nordin has pastored in Calgary, AB Canada. Along with four apostolic leaders from across North America, he also oversees the International Association of Ministries, and sits on the Apostolic council of the Canadian Council of Apostolic Leaders.

Recognized as the Ambassador Apostle to Ethiopia and Zimbabwe by International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, Dr. Nordin continues to travel to the nations of Ethiopia and Zimbabwe where he speaks at conferences and churches, also providing financial assistance to some of the world’s most destitute people. In the office of Ambassador Apostle, Dr. Nordin has been gifted to discern the Apostolic mantle, commending many ministers into the ministry of the Apostle worldwide: Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and the USA.

Apostolic relationships in Zimbabwe

In 2010, Pastor Nordin commissioned Dr. Ken Haskins (kneeling in the photo below) along with some 35 pastors and ministers from Zimbabwe, in a ceremony confirmed by prophets and apostles in Bulawayo.  Apostle Ken Haskins has functioned as an apostle for years in Zimbabwe and holds the respect of fellow ministers in the nation and in other countries of the world. He gives oversight to 35 churches along with the central church Victory Fellowship in Bulawayo.

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