Ray Gimenez and Joan Hunter are ICAL Ambassadors for Haiti


Apostle Ray Gimenez is the Founder and CEO of Victory Center, an international ministry with Food for Hunger programs, medical clinics, churches and orphanages in  the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Haiti, Australia, Kenya, Brazil, Philippines, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba and Columbia. 

Apostle Gimenez is working with many pastors and leaders in Haiti to form a Coalition in the Nation.

For more, read the April 2016 News

Contact: www.victorycenter.com

Apostle Joan hunter

Apostle Joan hunter

Apostle Joan Hunter has served the people of Haiti for several years. She helps to oversee several orphanages under the direction of Pastor Rene Joseph. Her ministry supplies many needs to schools and orphanages, such as over 75 "Hunter" brand fans, medicine and clothing. Since the devastating earthquake, the country is now experiencing prosperity and more businesses are developing.  

Contact: www.joanhunter.org





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