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Apostle Jean-Marc Potenti is theNational Ambassador in France


Jean-Marc Potenti has a strong burden to see the francophone world hear the message of the Kingdom of God speaking to culture in all areas of life. He serves two local communities as Senior Pastor at the Bethesda Church in Auch, and at the Evangelical Center in Toulouse, France.

He works for a growing cooperation among Protestant churches in France and the francophone world. He is serving as the Apostolic leader of New connections Network (a francophone apostolic network of churches and ministries), and also on the Boards of the French Protestant Federation and the French Evangelical National Council.

His work promoting the equipping of the saints to function in all areas of culture lead him to found and serve as President of ID2R (Reconciliation, Research and Development Institute) a sister organization to SCS (Strategic Christian Services). On the international level, Jean-Marc is member of the Advisor Council of Kingdom Ministries International, led by Dennis Peacocke.

In 2013, Apostle Potenti was appointed by ICAL to be the National Convening Apostle for France. He works to spread the ICAL vision and to build a French National Coalition. The goal is to promote an apostolic and prophetic vision focused on the Kingdom of God and to connect all the leaders in order to transform our nation.

Apostle Potenti also works with apostles from Switzerland and Belgium because they could be seen as European french speaking countries, close to France.


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