Coalicion International Mexican Apostolic - CIMA

Apostle Carlos Gordillo is the Convenor for CIMA

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Apostle Carlos Gordillo has 35 years of ministry, he is a medical doctor by profession graduated from UNAM (National University Autonomy of Mexico). He also is Doctor in Theology and a Masters of Divinity.  He is the founder of Network Transformation Kingdom Ministries with several churches in Mexico, active member of the World Council of ICAL (International Coalition of Apostles), He is the convener Apostle of the Mexican nation in CIMA (Mexican International Coalition of Apostles) This coalition has the most representative apostlolic ministries in the Mexican nation. See 2016CIMA meetings

 He also is the founder of National Parliament whose main effort is to unite the Body of Christ in México under Spiritual Government that includes all the denomination churches around the nation. In 2017, Dr. Gordillo and CIMA received an award from"Buen Gobierno" (Good Government), an organization that trains politicians with ethical values and principles. 

Apostle Gordillo has an awesome Testimony about his encounter with Jesus during a sickness of his back, when Jesus came and touched his back and healed him. He is 37 years married to Dr . Modesta, and they have 3 children; Abraham , Israel and Bethlehem. Six years ago he proved again the miracle of God when his wife passed away for several minutes and then the Lord brought her back to life! Dr. Gordillo's passionate preaching also focuses on the restoration of families.

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