Indian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

Apostle Prasad Rao and Kala Roa, Convenors for India

In September 2016, 500 delegates representing thousands of congregations in India attended a Summit in Hyderabad and established the Indian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. Apostle Chris Peterson of Australia has been working with the leaders for many years and was very happy to be part of the commissioning of Prasad and Kala Rao as the Convenors for I-CAL.

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ApostleNet International India

A turning point in the church history in India!

Apostle Net International India Mission is a network of apostolic churches and five-fold leaders. We serve and empower churches throughout India, SAARC nations and nations to equip and train the teams and send them out to preach the message of the King and His kingdom. We help to transition leaders and churches from pastoral containment to apostolic conquest.

Initially in 2004 Pastor Prasad was very much influenced with the teaching of Apostle Chris Peterson. First of all he was challenged to the transition from pastoral containment to apostolic conquest. Then he invited all the pastors and the leaders of local churches to have this teaching by Apostle Chris Peterson. Really it was a turning point in the church history in India.

After receiving this teaching the transition happened in pastors and churches as well .Previously Pastors used to struggle for the survival of the ministry. They used to have competitive mind and there was no unity among them. But after receiving this apostolic teaching they got rid of the in secure feeling and competitive spirit. There is a strong unity among them. They are even share the pulpit now. There is breakthrough in the church ministries in India through the apostolic teaching.


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