ICAL Convenors within a Nation or Ambassadors for a Nation are represented in this section.  See the drop-down list tab of specific nations.

ICAL relates to over 75 nations that are represented within the Nation by a National Convenor or with an Ambassador commissioned by ICAL to represent a nation or region. View the Resources Section for more understanding about the ICAL AIM Coalition Strategy.

The Annual International Congress in Dallas, Texas provides a powerful time for the Convenors,  Ambassadors, and their guests to hear current issues and advancements in their nations. Networking, fellowship, and strategic meetings highlight each member's time at these Family Gatherings. Review Highlights

Members and their guests are encouraged to attend the 2018 Annual Congress in Dallas, Texas on November 6, 7, 8 for the Full Congress.   National Convenors, Ambassadors, and New Members meet on November 5.

Theme for 2018: Advancing Apostolic Leadership

Registration open now for members and their guests. 

 Simultaneous Translation in Spanish and Portuguese is provided at the ICAL Annual Congress