Puerto Rico Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (CLAPR)

Apostles Mickey and Maggie Diaz Medina

Apostles Mickey and Maggie Diaz Medina

Apostle Mickey Medina, Convenor

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In June of 2015, at the 4th Annual meeting of CLAPR, a special transition service was held in which the former Convener of CLAPR, Apostle Sydney Stair, was commissioned as an International Ambassador to Latin America and the Caribbean and Apostle Mickey Medina was commissioned as the new Convener of CLAPR. It was a historic moment and a time of great celebration!

As the Convenor for Puerto Rico,  Apostle Medina's job is to identify, prepare, and equip apostolic leaders in Puerto Rico.

In 1995, he founded Centro Cristiano Hosanna in the town of Isabela,  a church with a passion for restoration and community. For over 20 years now, he has been the lead pastor along side his wife Apostle Maggie, one of the fastest growing churches in the northeast of Puerto Rico.

In May 2003, he organized the first Cumbre Apostolica Internacional de Alto Nivel (1st International Apostolic Summit of High Level) in Puerto Rico. This event reunited hundreds of Apostles, Pastors, and Prophets from the island and around the world. The event sparked the creation of R.A.I.N Ministries (Red Apostólica de Impacto a las Naciones), an international network that covers and mentors multiple churches in Colombia, Chile, Perú, Dominican Republic, United States, Puerto Rico and more.

In March 2004, Apostle Dr. Mickey Medina received a doctorate on theology and Pastoral Ministries from the Latin University of Theology (L.U.T.) in California.

2015 CLAPR Update - the Coalition of Apostolic Leaders of Puerto Rico - celebrated their 4th Annual Summit under the theme “The kingdoms of the world have become the Kingdom of our Lord.”  Apostolic leaders from all over the island were in attendance during the two days of intensive work and teachings in the beautiful city of Ponce.     

During the summit, Apostles John P. Kelly and Joseph Mattera challenged the coalition members in Puerto Rico to be agents of kingdom transformation and societal reformation in times were the nation most needs it. Minds were renewed, paradigms were shifted and man-made notions were disintegrated as these two great apostolic teachers exposed the Puerto Rican apostolic leaders to new Kingdom Structures.









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