Apostle Antonio Melo, National Ambassador in Portugal

Contact Email: antoniomelo.kairos@gmail.com or pr.rubenmelo@hotmail.com

Website:  www.antonioecarlamelo.blogspot.com


Apostle Melo was raised in a roman catholic family. In his twenties, he gave his life to Jesus and started to follow the Lord's plans for his life. From his early steps he reveled his leadership skills, loving care for people and commitment to the Kingdom of God. For several years he served as a leader, a co-Pastor, the President of Full Gospel Business Man in Portugal and later, as President Pastor of Kairos International Ministry and for twenty-five years as Director of International Christian Embassy in Portugal, bringing people to know Israel and to recognize our Hebrew roots of faith. He is also an advisor member of ECAL.  He is married to Ap. Carla Melo; they have three children and two grandchildren. 


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