ICAL MembershipMembership in ICAL is restricted to individuals who have been recognized by a significant segment of the church, including peer-level apostles, as having the gift of apostle and who have been ministering through this gift for a period of time.

An apostle is defined by ICAL as a Christian leader gifted, taught, commissioned, and sent by God with the authority to establish the foundational government of a church or business within an assigned sphere by hearing what the Spirit is saying and sets things in order accordingly for the growth and maturity of the group or complex of groups (churches or businesses).

Since apostles operate in several different ways, ICAL is open to “vertical apostles” (including ecclesiastical, functional, congregational, and team-member vertical apostles), to “horizontal apostles” (including convening, ambassadorial, mobilizing, and territorial horizontal apostles), and to different kinds of “marketplace apostles.”

ICAL is primarily a professional society in which confirmed apostles are able to relate to and connect with each other. It is secondarily a training ground for “emerging” apostles.


Membership is by Invitation Only

Membership is attained only by official invitation from the Convening Apostle.

An invitation to ICAL requires a nomination to be made and seconded by any two active ICAL members. Under extenuating circumstances where two nominators are not available, an explanation as to why there is no second nominee is weighed in the decision-making process. Nominations are then processed through the ICAL office and the Convening Apostle. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis as to whether official invitations will be extended.

A membership application and related documents will be sent to the nominated apostle, if the invitation is accepted by the individual nominee. This involves submitting a written application form as well as the payment of membership dues. The applicant is required to provide the contact information for a person who knows about the nominee’s ministry and to whom the applicant is accountable. ICAL will secure that person’s consent during the application approval process.


Annual Membership Fees:

  • United States based member’s fee: $450.00
  • Married US apostles combined fee: $650.00
  • First Nation (American Indian) fee: $350.00
  • International independent members (those not belonging to their individual country’s Apostolic Coalition) fee is: $350.00 (USD)
  • Fees may be paid in two installments by check or credit card.
  • Fees are renewed annually on the date first dues are accepted.
  • Fees do not include the registration for the Annual Meeting in November or for International or Regional Summits.
  • When an individual is accepted as a member, a membership certificate suitable for framing is sent and a private password access to the Members Only section of the website will be issued, along with other relevant documents.


Annual Renewal: A letter for renewal fees will be sent two months prior to the annual expiration. If the renewal is not paid by the end the fourth month into the renewal year, membership will be deactivated, including access to the member’s section of the website. There is a $50.00 reactivation fee. Fees pay for the administration and communication expenses of ICAL, including access to the Members Only side of the ICAL website, special information and communication to events.


Ordination, Commissioning, Covering, and Accountability It must be understood that ICAL membership does not confer ordination or commissioning on a given apostle. ICAL does not “make” an individual an apostle. Only those who have previously been recognized as having the gift and office of apostle are accepted as members, and this recognition comes through and is maintained by the particular ecclesiastical network or apostolic ministry conferring the ordination or commissioning.

Because ICAL is a horizontal apostolic network, as over against a vertical network, ICAL does not provide “apostolic covering” or ‘spiritual covering” for its members. Although ICAL is not a primary accountability structure, membership in ICAL does imply a secondary apostolic accountability. Every ICAL member is accountable, in the broad sense of the word, to all other members. When reproach comes upon one, potentially that reproach can come upon all. Apostolic Accountability as stated in the Vision section: ICAL members are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of integrity of personal character and operational methodology among its members. The ICAL Advisory Council gives oversight and enforces the code of Biblical conduct required of each member to insure the standards of ICAL and maintain unity among the brethren (Psalm 133:1, Eph.4:3).