GoStrategic, formerly known as Strategic Christian Services, is an international non-profit organization that educates and equips leaders and others for effective service and leadership using Biblical principles. Its mission is educating, equipping and networking Christians through our Business Leadership School (BLS) <http://www.businessleadershipschool.org/>  and Strategic Life Training (SLT) <http://www.strategiclifetraining.com/>  correspondence schools, the Statesmen Project <http://thestatesmenproject.org/> , events, and educational products.

Our Schools (BLS & SLT) train leaders from all walks of life and many nations. Through long distance but relationally based correspondence groups, our curricula is a unique combination of profound theological truths, combined with practical steps for implementation. Alumni are then presented further mentoring and ministry opportunities and are encouraged to utilize their training to impact their local churches and community.

The Statesmen Project is an international movement of concerned citizens responding to the growing economic and social crises with practical Biblical principles and models that solve specific community and national problems. This networking and training arm of the ministry works with people seeking to transcend self-interest, and politics as usual, to help our communities and nations thrive out of these crises. Focus groups and community action are the primary outworking of this arm of the ministry.

GoStrategic specializes in bridging the gap between spiritual truth, and the practical implementation of those truths in confronting real-world problems. With over three decades of experience educating, modeling, and connecting like-minded individuals, we have seen first-hand the fruit of Christians applying Biblical principles to the most complex challenges. Our structure allows individuals and organizations to connect and get trained easily and accessibly from anywhere within the world.

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SEPTEMBER 7-9, 2017

The Statesmen Project in Alliance With the Members of The International Alliance of Community Action Councils Presents:

Discipling Nations Through Community Action Councils

"Change Your City, Change Your Nation"

   Practical transformation comes not from not the top down, but from the bottom up.The global movement to extend the Kingdom of God through local alliances is rapidly expanding!Come see what others are doing so we can all work more effectively.

Presentation Topics:

* How to build or upgrade local alliances with leaders in your community or city

* How to do mission work and disciple nations by serving local needs

* How to offer citizen education and problem solving to change a community

*Building and connecting national and international prayer networks to produce globally strategic prayer

* Special workshops on economic and immigration policies

* Special reports on the direction of global events

International Speakers TBA

Registration & details to come atwww.thestatesmenproject.com