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Photo taken in an Apostolic Church in brazil

Photo taken in an Apostolic Church in brazil

John P. Kelly, International Convening Apostle

We are excited about the great movement God is leading to unite apostolic leaders worldwide! ICAL was created in 1999 to facilitate new and ongoing opportunities to connect and combine apostolic wisdom. It is currently the largest known Christian society of God-ordained and man-recognized apostles in the world.

The purpose of ICAL is to connect each member’s wisdom and resources in order to function more strategically, combine their efforts globally, and effectively accelerate the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.  

If you are an apostle, it is my desire that you would discover the valuable resources and relationships ICAL membership has to offer. The benefit of mutual support and accountability builds a unified force that God can use to accelerate Kingdom advancement.To learn more, I encourage you to contact an ICAL member apostle or the ICAL office to locate a member in your region.

Building together with Him and you,
John P. Kelly