Australia Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ACAL)

John and Alaine McElroy, Convenors

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2017 Summit Newsletter

Apostles John and Alaine live in Perth, Western Australia and lead Churchlands Christian Fellowship.  Apostle John is the founding director of the Southern Cross Association of Churches, an apostolic network with100 ministries across Australia and 28 nations. Apostle John is the author of Passing on the Baton, about the importance of spiritual fathers and mothers building into younger men and women. 

The ACAL Convenors are currently putting the organisation on a new footing that will enable expansion, greater influence in every aspect of Australian society and building supportive and empowering relationships between our members. Our first priority has been the formation of a new National Council comprised of church and marketplace Apostolic leaders from each Australian state and territory. These men and women will be instrumental in convening leadership groups who will implement the AIM Strategy of Acknowledging, Instructing and Measuring Apostolic leaders.

The second priority is to streamline our process of including new members within ACAL. The third priority is the improvement of communications between members by establishing a new website:

Finally we are extending our National Summit meeting to 3 nights and 2 days to enable more input and discussion and to build stronger relationships between members. Our goal is to increase our membership to 100 within the first year.

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Summit Dates

November 2016:  Regional Gathering

March 7 - 10,  2017:  Scheduled in Launceston, Tasmania

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