2018 Congress Testimonies

Presentation with John P. Kelly and Ecuadorian Apostolic Leaders

Presentation with John P. Kelly and Ecuadorian Apostolic Leaders

“This gave me the greatest encouragement to step out of the boat and bring reformation to my nation”. (AL, St.Kitts-Nevis)

“As a first time attender, I’ve been challenged to do ministry differently. My paradigms have radically shifted, I have more clarity of the direction I need for the next phase of ministry.” (BL, Kenya)

“ICAL encouraged me to stand up. My nation is in crisis. The speakers inspired me to continue fighting against political and social system that attacks freedom and human rights. I said yes to the call of the Lord to never give up!” (SP, Nicaragua)

“Inspiring, educational, informative, Excellent! (TV, USA)

“It’s what is needed. This is the PLACE of iron sharping iron. I was enriched.” (TW, USA)

“It was amazing to experience and hear teaching/testimonies of what the Lord is doing around the world.” (TS, Aruba)

“Lots of ‘God moments’ meeting with people that could speak into what is happening personally with us. Great opportunity to make new connections with people from various places.” (SG, Australia)

“This has been Amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! To sit among people who are literally changing nations was so incredibly humbling. There was no one with their own agenda. Thank you for everything you put together to impart to all of us! (AA, USA)                                                                                                                                                

Buford Lispcomb