LICAL (Liberia) Report by Garreston Saydee

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The Liberian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, on July 15, 2019 hosted a One Day National Transformation Workshop with Apostle/Dr. Mark A. Beliles, President of the Global Transformation Network (GTN). The workshop brought together men and women of God from at least thirty churches within the township of Caldwell and its environs. 

Dr. Beliles spoke on the seven (7) mountains of culture. He emphasized and proved from scriptures the reasons the church should take charge of the seven mountains of culture in Liberia. According to Dr. Beliles, ‘The Great Commission of Jesus Christ to the church is more than building a four walls church edifice/cathedral. It is deeply in national transformation - making disciples of all nations….”

Participants, including the former state woman, Victoria Lynch were deeply blessed by the teaching and asked Dr. Beliles to return in the near future.  Some of these churches have been doing works in some of the seven (7) mountains but their understanding had been opened further. Dr. Mark Beliles listed the seven (7) mountains alphabetically as follow:

A = Arts and Media

B = Business

mark be with Liberia.jpg

C = Church

D =Doctors and Medicine

E = Education

F = Family

G = Government

Within the Liberian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (LICAL), at least four member churches have schools that are training the next generation biblical principles of national transformation. These churches are: Christ International Church (CIC) headed by the Convenor, Apostle T. Garreston Saydee, Royal Ambassador Ministries (RAM), headed by Apostle Judah P. Vah, Berea Christian Institute (BCI), headed by Apostle De-Etta W. Martin, and Grace Christian Fellowship International (GCFI), headed by Pastor Milton Seleweyan. Family, these schools need your spiritual and moral supports to enhance their programs and implement projects.

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Kindly find attached photos of the National transformation workshop and few photos from Christ International School (CIS), headed by Apostle T. Garreston Saydee. Also attached is the school’s future home (a two storey modern school building) to be constructed soon. The estimated cost of the construction is US$75,434.96. Anyone wishing to donate to this project (also if someone wants a complete project proposal and estimated cost of the project) can reach Apostle Saydee at this email: