The New Door by David Balestri

A prophetic exhortation released July 2019 by David Balestri

I believe we are living in truly exceptional times, the reason I say that is not simply because I happen to be alive in the midst of these times, but because I believe that we are positioned at a tipping point moment of kingdom advance that has been set up by the preceding generations in the last century. We are now over 100 years past the outpouring of the Spirit during the Azusa street revival, and many believe that we have come full circle with regards to the restoration of all the fivefold ministry functions that the apostle Paul outlined in Ephesians 4:11 namely the restoration of pastors, evangelists, teacher, prophets and apostles.

These are important markers for the body of Christ as we press on into the mission of kingdom advance in the 21stcentury. All of this activity is not without purpose and macro intent from the throne of God. The Holy Spirit is leading His church somewhere and into something for His glory.

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Many voices are trying to decry where the church is at presently in the nations and many are suggesting that the church is in a state of decline. I believe nothing could be further from the truth, we are about to experience an explosion of kingdom advance that will be evidenced by the greatest harvest of souls the earth has ever seen, the billion-soul harvest is truly upon us. We are about to experience the greatest outpouring of miracles signs and wonder that will be greater than any generation including the early church has ever encountered.

You might be thinking, “how can you be so sure”? Well, the reason I believe this to be so is that we are in the midst of a mighty global awakening of the saints to the work of the ministry.

Almost every past revival has unfortunately been largely contained by the “clergy” (professional church ministers) being dominantly responsible for the work of the ministry. I believe that coming outpouring of glory that will manifest in kingdom advance will be outworked dominantly at the hands of the “laity” (the saints that are in the marketplace) with the congregational leaders championing them on. We are going to not only see people being added to the kingdom on Sundays during formal church services but also Monday to Saturdays in the schools, business houses, shopping centres and the homes of the saints.

This will not only be about people getting saved into the kingdom, but also the reign of Christ manifested in all the spheres of our cities, regions and nations. We will literally see the dominant thinking and behaviour patterns of the unsaved begin the yield to the operation and culture of the kingdom at the highest places of government, business, arts and philosophy. The interesting thing about all that I am saying is that the church has been here before a couple of times.

The early church experienced this under the ministry of the apostles, especially under the ministry of Paul and his apostolic team. Also, during the outflow of the protestant reformation in Europe under the ministry of Luther and Calvin, we saw this.

Somewhere along the way the body of Christ lost her way a little in the early to mid-1800s and then slipped deeply into a dualistic form of Christianity in the 1900s which caused us to evangelise the world but lose our ability to disciple the nations. Yet here we are on the precipice of a new era of kingdom advance with a new door presented to us by the Holy Spirit with His voice beckoning us to come up here!

© David Balestri July 2019.

David Balestri is an apostolic leader with the Australian Coalition (ACAL)

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