Australia Apostolic Reformation Summit

 "The Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders was well represented at a recent gathering of key Kingdom thinkers and strategists at the Apostolic Reformation Australia Summit in Brisbane recently.

 National Convenor John McElroy along with State Convenors David Balestri and Sue Baynes featured as guest speakers on hot button topics such as:

  • Apostles and Prophets in Apostolic Reformation

  • The synergy of five-fold ministry

  • Kingdom political reform

  • The mechanics for city and national transformation

 Each brought powerful and vital messages to the conversation formatted as a type of 'Jerusalem Council', downloading a rich vein of truth to be further unpacked and out worked.

 It was a joy to carve out a place for apostolic revelation with like-minded others, and a privilege to walk together towards the discipling of our nation.

  Thank you to David Vaka, leader of ARA, for your invitation and leadership."

 Photo 1: Person 2 – John McElroy (National Convenor), Person 3 – David Balestri (NSW State Convenor), Person 4 – Sue Baynes (Qld State Convenor)

ACAL Photo 1.jpg

 Photo 2: John McElroy (National Convenor), Sue Baynes (Qld State Convenor), David Balestri (NSW State Convenor), Bobby Aitken (WA State Convenor)

ACAL Photo 2.jpg