CCAL Report by Phil Nordin

Our Canadian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (CCAL) Conference this year served two main purposes:

1. To meet with members of Parliament

2. To meet with our CCAL members and receive apostolic teachings and wisdom

On April 30, CCAL hosted a ‘stand-up’ reception in an effort to reach out to Canada’s Members of Parliament (MPs), Senators, and Ambassadors to establish relationships. Prior to the reception, each CCAL member had invited their representatives. It is hard to adequately describe how successful the reception was! At least 10 Ambassadors - more than 13 MPs, and other dignitaries attended and most of the crowd stayed past 9 PM (a very positive sign). We were pleased to have many MP’s from the Conservative Party, as well as the Leader of the Peoples Party - Mr. Maxime Bernier.


At another meeting, we were privileged to spend over an hour with the Members of Parliament and we were invited to express any national concerns that we felt needed to be addressed. We sense we have established relationships with members in the House of Commons and were able to articulate our concerns about legislation that places limitation on freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Canada. We are encouraged to discover how many believers are serving in our Parliament.

We came away from the meetings with a sense that we were well received in Ottawa, and have made significant progress in establishing meaningful relationships with many people.

CCAL 1.jpg

During our conference time, we were blessed to hear from profound speakers, including Stockwell Day, Brian Stiller, Terry Law, Doug Sharpe, Gary Carter, Jachin Mullen, Faytene Grasseschi and others. As each one presented, a common theme was shared - “Love your Enemies” This was AMAZING! We heard them say, “The path to effect change in our nation will not come with hostility - but when ‘people of character with a strong mandate from God initiate change without attacking individuals. Each speaker’s’ message complimented the other. The day concluded with a powerful time of prayer for our nation.

Dr. Phil Nordin, Convener CCAL