Citi Hope - Promises Kept

ICAL Alliance, CitiHope, had its first delivery to Belarus since 2011, humanitarian medicine to treat cancers and rare genetic diseases valued at over $2.25 million, landed in Minsk, Belarus in February 2019.

CitiHope President Paul Moore II responded to the successful delivery, “Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the Belarusian government, specifically Director Valery Skakun & Charge’ Pavel Shidlovsky, this delivery represents an answer to prayer.

It also represents a promise kept, which I made at 17 years old, to a young Belarusian cancer patient who changed my life.

Representative image, not actual photo

Representative image, not actual photo

CitiHope is ecstatic about the renewal of our work in Belarus, and we believe this delivery is the first of many to come.”

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If you are interested in partnering with us to support cancer patients and other vulnerable people in Belarus, please contact us!