Becoming an Apostolic Leader by John P. Kelly

To be an apostolic leader, one must have a fertile mind and heart to receive the seed of God's Word and will for their life.

Hearts and minds must be "good soil" like Jesus talked about in Matthew 13:23, “But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty."

God looks for men and women with fertile ground who actively seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment. Those who sincerely seek to know which seeds are specifically for their ministerial or business harvest will receive the right seeds.

Without the Right seeds, God's plan and purpose for the leader cannot develop.  And without tending the seeds, there is no great Harvest!

Jesus continually developed the disciples until they were ready to become the first apostles. Then he kept developing them, training, encouraging, and leading them to the next level of leadership.

Apostolic leaders are like wheat farmers. They must continually work towards the greatest harvest...

They need to:

  • Know when to plant
  • What type of seed works best in various soils
  • How deep to plant the seeds
  • How much moisture is needed and when will it occur
  • How to avoid and treat diseases
  • How to treat weeds
  • What fertilizer is best and when to apply it
  • How to manage through growth
  • When to know it’s ripe for cutting
  • How to manage, store, and share or sell the harvest

Once the soil (the heart of a leader) receives the right seeds - it needs constant attention.

Apostolic leaders will need to pray and study the strategies, plans, and tactics from other successful leaders. They need to understand and do what the Holy Spirit shows them.  If they are diligent and willing to follow God's plans, they know that over time their apostolic ministry will reap a great harvest for the Kingdom of God!

To acquire greater understanding to be a successful apostolic leader, I am inviting all emerging leaders and apostolic leaders to the ICAL Annual Congress to hear from some of the top apostolic leaders (God’s farmers) in the world today. Successful proven leaders who will help you grow and go beyond what you know as a leader or emerging leader. 

All of the apostolic leaders who will be speaking at this year’s ICAL Congress have special ‘seeds’ from their field that will bear fruit within you - and through you to others.

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Building together with Him and you,

John P. Kelly