Arise and Shine Africa!

This July, Apostle/Dr. Paul Gitwaza recently led The ARISE AND SHINE CONFERENCE at IPRC KICUKIRO STADIUM at Kigali, Rwanda. Thousands of people attended the phenomenal event hosted by Zion Temple and Authentic Word Ministries.

The focus was - Africa! Arise and Guard your gates in the Economy, Politics, Entertainment, Religion, Media, Family and Education. He says: "Africans, it is our duty to stand and be what God called us to do as Africans to do. Lets pursue excellence and lets sow in the land! Africa is ours. May God bless Africa! May God bless Africans!"

The stadium is on the College of Technology campus of IPRC Kigali. They graduated 510 students June 2018 from their 8 colleges.

Pray for Africa!