Christian Life School Open for Fall Classes

CLST is an ICAL Alliance that offers Educational Advancement. They are based in Georgia, USA with extensions in Kenya and other nations.

CLST - Christian Life School of Theology Global and the Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) is the premier global provider of Christian higher education programs and resources.  CLST Global offers degrees ranging from the Associate of Theology (A.Th.) degree through the Doctorate of Theology (D.Th.) degree.

Now is the time to schedule your fall courses from CLST Global!

Clst schedule.jpg

Summer is just around the corner and we anticipate a time to reflect and regroup, and that includes planning for the coming school year!

Many of our schools are scheduling their first course in the new school year during the month of August. Whether you are a CLEN school Dean or a Distance Education student, this is the very best time to think about your learning goals for the coming season. What are you interested in? How would you like to grow and be equipped? How will CLST Global courses prepare you for the future?

Check out our Catalog on the website and let us give you helpful advising. We are ready to coach and encourage you as you consider next steps in your life. Contact the Columbus office and put the best, most needed courses on your schedule. We are committed to making all preparations for the effectiveness of your learning this fall. Let us know how we may serve you!