March Cuba Report

During the middle of March, Apostle Tony Ortiz, the Convening Apostle for Cuba and ICAL Ambassador Ray Gimenez from the USA, traveled throughout the nation to meet with all the major apostolic leaders of the Cuban Coalition. They spent time fellowshipping, strategizing for revival, and encouraged them to follow the goals, principles, and procedures for the apostolic network in Cuba.

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As Cuban-born, Ray Gimenez is a well-respected voice for all the Cuban Apostles and leaders and they have vowed to work together as one in the coalition. Cuba has fifteen provinces and Apostle Tony Ortiz has already selected seven qualified apostolic leaders to serve in their respective provinces.  Each one will meet once a month with other apostolic leaders of their province for coffee, fellowship, and prayer and discuss the vision of Tony Ortiz and ICAL to bring revival and great transformation to the Island.

They are planning a main gathering of all the apostles of the nation this summer for encouragement and direction under the leadership of Tony Ortiz, Ambassador Ray Gimenez, and perhaps Apostle John Kelly.

The scriptures that kept coming to Apostle Ray Gimenez were: Revelation 18:2, Babylon has fallen…Zechariah 13:1, The House of David (Cuba) will be blessed…And Revelation 3:8, God has opened up a door that no one will shut!