Apostolic Training in Nigeria by Catherine Brown

In January of this year, I returned to Warri, Delta State, West Nigeria. I had the privilege of ministering with another apostolic colleague from Uganda at a packed leader’s conference in Warri hosted by Rev. Dr. O J Agbarah, Warri Church of God. We taught on leadership principles including investing in others, legacy, succession, and different types of spiritual fathers and sons. 

 I have a dear son and daughter in the faith there with whom I am working to build their new church plant.  The church is less than a year old and the membership is already at 80+ brand new believers. Security is tight in the Delta oil producing State and so we had to have our usual security accompaniment of AK47 wielding guards wherever we went.

Our host told us that the recordings have been so popular and it was a great joy to labour alongside these five-fold leaders. I thank God for His provision and protection and for the edge and the passion that preaching with such security creates. 

Catherine Brown

Founder/International Director, Gatekeepers Global Ministries / www.gatekeepers.org.uk

Catherine Brown speaking in Nigeria