714 Churches Closed by Rwanda Government

Word of Life Church in Kigali

Word of Life Church in Kigali

RWANDA: The government of Rwanda closed or suspended activities for over 714 churches in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, over the past week citing failure to meet new rules.

Apostle Mel Mullen (Canada Coalition member) has worked with leaders and churches in Rwanda for years and received this report and request for funds to help the churches meet the requirements. There are 1351 churches in Kigali and the government says many more churches will close if they do not immediately comply. 

Pastor Olivier from Kigali sent details to Apostle Mullen: Here are just 5 of the new rules that can affect most of our campuses in the nation.

  •  All churches MUST HAVE 4 toilet stalls
  •  PAVED parking at the church to the amount of 10% of the congregation. (Most campuses have 0-3 cars). 
  • The church property must be at least 1.25 acres in size (which is impossible for some that are surrounded by other buildings in the capital city).
  • Soundproofing of the building (so people nearby are not disturbed)
  • Two water tanks for rainwater collection

Pastor Olivier says: The list [of closures] is growing everyday. Please pray for us. Before they close down our churches as we was given few days to fix all requirements. Thanks.

To read more about the closings, see News section in the Rwanda New Times