Australia Coalition Report

The Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders  (ACAL) recently held three Conferences across the nation entitled, ‘The New Wineskin’ in Perth, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast.

Hubie Synn

Hubie Synn

Joseph Mattera

Joseph Mattera

Our keynote speakers were USCAL leaders Joe Mattera and Hubie Synn.  Nationally, the conferences engaged over 300 Aussie leaders in day sessions and an estimated 800-1000 at evening rallies.  

Dr Joe Mattera skilfully taught on a number of aspects of the New Kingdom Wineskin being developed through ICAL.  His input was life changing and revelatory.  Hubie prophesied with great accuracy to a number of leaders in both Church and marketplace.

We believe the visit of our American brothers was significant.  Not only did it forge stronger links between the Australian and US Coalitions, it revealed the synergy that takes place when apostles and prophets work together.  We in Australia are grateful for our connection to ICAL, which enables us to tap into speakers and resources on the cutting edge of Apostolic Reformation.

Plans are currently underway for Apostle John Kelly to speak at our Annual ACAL Summit in Melbourne, March 5-8, 2019.

 Our Summit rotates between five Australian states each year and is instrumental in building stronger relationships between Apostolic Leaders in our nation.

Thank you for your prayers for our leaders and for the Lord’s blessings on Australia!

John and Alaine McElroy.jpg

John McElroy, Convenor ACAL