How to Help Disaster Victims

Several nations are experiencing a serious of Major Natural Disasters such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, many Islands throughout the Caribbean, Texas and Florida in the USA. 

Here are some reliable aid organizations: Somebody Cares (Doug Stringer), Samartian's Purse, Citi Hope, and in Puerto Rico on Sept. 22:

Currently, A dam in western Puerto Rico has failed, causing “extremely dangerous” flooding and prompting authorities to evacuate people from their homes, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the US National Weather Service said on Friday. Operators warned that the Guajataca Dam was failing at 2pm local time, causing flash floods downstream on the Rio Guajataca, the NWS said. “This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SITUATION. Buses are currently evacuating people from the area as quickly as they can,” the NWS tweeted.

Mexico City region was hit by a 7.1 earthquake this week! Contact Israel Gordillo to help:

Contact ICAL if you have resources to offer:

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