Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

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On August 24, Harvey, a category 4 Hurricane,  hit the coast of Texas with over 130 mile an hour winds and rain leveling entire towns.

It then turned into a stalled huge tropical storm with tornadoes and over 52 inches of rain - causing a catastrophic situation.

Dams and rivers overflowed and entire counties are flooded. Houston (the fourth largest city in the USA) is mostly under water.  Many lives have been lost and thousands are homeless.  Recovery will take years to repair and rebuild homes, businesses, and ministries. Houston International and Hobby Airports have been closed since the hurricane. 

ICAL members, Doug Stringer, Joan Hunter, and Richard Heard are based in the Houston area.

How you can help:  

1.      Apostle Doug Stringer is President of Somebody Cares, Int. based in Houston. They have extensive experience since 1981 with multi–level disaster response.  Apostle John P. Kelly recommends prayerfully consider contacting Somebody Cares, Int. to contribute or assist the recovery.

2.      USCAL set up a Go Fund Me account. “In anticipation of the dire need the Body of Christ in Houston has regarding the need to rebuild and repair their churches and communities - we are now setting up a fund for them via USCAL (The US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders).  We will be dispensing monies after the current crisis of more rainfall dissipates.  Monies will be sent directly to fellow members such as Doug Stringer and others whom we know can facilitate our aid effectually.”

We encourage our ICAL family to pray and contribute to help restore the lives of tens of thousands affected by this disaster.  

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