European Nations Gathering

Apostle Emilio Sevilla at ECAL Gathering

Apostle Emilio Sevilla at ECAL Gathering

In April, members of ECAL (European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders) gathered at Iglesia Evangelica Apostolic Christian Fellowship in El Albir (Alicante), Spain. Apostle Emilio Sevilla convened the gathering of leaders from the UK, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Croacia, France, Italy, Spain, and the USA.  They focused on building their relationships personally and apostolically, strengthening the coalition, unity of purpose, prayer, effective administration, and advancing the Kingdom of God in Europe.  

During the two-day meeting, Apostle John P. Kelly joined them by video from Texas to take part in what the leaders were sharing and giving encouragement, advice, and confirmation for structure and plans. Everyone appreciated him taking the time to personally engage with each of them and share his wisdom and counsel.  

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Due to the many small nations, unique cultures, languages, and various forms of government - Europe is complicated. It is the only continent with declining Christianity and needs consistent prayer, wisdom, and God’s strategy to effectively reach the wide variety of people groups. In spite of these difficulties, those who attended are highly committed and motivated to penetrate Europe with the Gospel and reach out and relate to other apostolic leaders to join ECAL in the great battle of Light against the kingdom of darkness.

Please pray for Europe!