Coalition Forms in Cuba

In early June, ICAL Ambassador Ray Gimenez and Apostle John P. Kelly met with 39 of the top apostolic leaders in Cuba. Apostle Tony Ortiz of Cuba, attended the 2016 ICAL Annual Congress in Dallas as the guest of Ap. Gimenez (who is from Cuba). His experience prompted him to invite Ap. Kelly to speak to the leaders in Cuba. (Photo with Ray Gimenez, John Kelly and Tony Ortiz)

In San Jose (close to Havana), Apostle Kelly spoke for a full day about God’s plan for the apostolic movement and reformation and met with the leaders about the advantages of uniting to advance God’s plan for Cuba. He then spoke to over 300 pastors and leaders (in photo below).

Ap. Gimenez said, “There was certainly a sense of awe in all the apostles and pastors as he [Ap. Kelly] conducted the meetings. His presentation was an absolute success. It was decided by Ap. Kelly and the apostles of Cuba that Apostle Tony Ortiz will be the Convening Apostle for the new coalition. Apostle Kelly left an indelible mark in the lives of all the apostles there. The result was a huge victory for ICAL and the island of Cuba and all the apostles.” 

Pray for these leaders and the nation of Cuba!