CIMA Annual Meeting Report

We thank God for a wonderful CIMA meeting in April at the Hotel Camino Real with almost 70 ministries from all over Mexico!

We talked about the advances of CIMA Commissions, including:

1. Commission for the Church

2. Commission for the Nation

3. Commission for the Organization. 

4. Commission for the Members

5. Commission for the Society 

Apostle Carlos Gordillo, Convenor for CIMAreceived an acknowledgement from "Buen Gobierno" (Good Government) a Civil Organization who is training politicians with ethical values and principles for the work CIMA is doing in Mexico. 

Our special presenter was Apostle Roy Santos, the Advisor of the President in Honduras. He spoke about the importance of the Apostolic Vision coming through the Five Levels passing for the Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. Ap. Santos agreed to push [present] the Apostolic for CIMA and ICAL in his country of Honduras. 

 The Convenor for CIMA, Apostle Carlos Gordillo, talked about the excesses of the Apostolic and Prophetic Leaders, and what is the true Spiritual Order through the powerful God's Hand. 

We anointed Efrén Ruíz to take the National Direction and Apostle António Pavón who was from a traditional movement to take the National Secretary. The last two administrative positions under the National Convener Apostle.  This last movement was strategic because Ap. António is the Head of largest Pastoral Alliance in Mexico. By doing this, CIMA is ensuring its influence not only with the Apostolic and Prophetic but also with the others ministries. 

Follow for videos and more about this gathering and please continue to pray for God to bless CIMA and give us strategies for the nation.

April 2017 / Israel Gordillo for CIMA