Discipling in Burundi by Josimar Salum

(Edited from the original article in Portuguese.)

On October 15, 2017, Jeramiah and I (Josimar Salum) will be performing a meeting with another 50 disciples at the Kings Conference Centre in Bujumbura to launch an organic movement of prayer and discipleship in all Burundi.  

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Our network has over 20,000 young people scattered throughout Burundi. In addition to teaching them English, we also educate them in all matters of life. The eternal message of the kingdom is about the domain through the service (reigning for serving), character, integrity, holiness and eternal life and even more. It is the government of God that reigns all aspects of life; marriage, family, business, education, etc.

Our beloved spiritual children, Jeremiah, Karorero and René of Burundi, Africa are in the province of Gitega, to teach a group of neglected people around the world – the Pygmies (Batwa). The Batwa or Twas are the indigenous people of Burundi. A census conducted by Uniproba (Unisons-nous pour la promotion des Datwa) in 2008 estimated that the number of Batwa in Burundi was 78.071 or approximately 1% of the population. These people lived traditionally, hunting and gathering fruit along with the Tutsi and Hutu farmers, representing about 15 % and 84 % of the population respectively.

The Batwa live in all the provinces of the country and speak the national language, Kirnudi, with an accent that distinguishes them from other ethnic groups. No longer able to live for hunting and harvesting, now they're demanding land to live and grow. This 2008 Census LED by Uniproba showed that from the 20,155 houses houses in Burundi, 2.959 were without land, or 14,7 % of the total. And from those families 1.453 were working under a working system in servitude, while the other 1.506 lived on borrowed land.

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Jeremy Marinakiza and inocent Nyingogabo (see photos) sent us this message: "we will teach them the eternal purpose of God that we are all created in his image, like God. This means that God has given us the ability to think and argue, the ability to use language and use symbols and act so that an animal can't. As God is a relational being, God Father, son and Holy Spirit (one) have an eternal relationship of love and joy, in the same way that we have to live in love and peace. Therefore, in Jesus Christ, there is no Jew, neither Greek nor black, nor white, nor Hutu, nor Tutsi, nor Twa."

Repent for the kingdom of God here and there in Burundi.

Please pray! Intercede for them and for us!

Josimar Salum and Paul Taylor