Report from Croatia

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Apostle John Polis reports from Croatia:

The Annual Conference at Word of Life Church in Zagreb, Croatia led by Founding Apostle Damir Alić was a powerful move of God from September 22-25 this year.

I had the privilege of sharing ministry with International Evangelist Bendt Wedemalm from Sweden and Apostle Damir. Bendt has been a breakthrough pioneer in Europe for 35 years and has had national impact in many European nations. He was used in Croatia along with Apostle Damir to bring Pentecostal Revival there in the 1980's. He is also the leader of Battle For Europe, a gathering of many leading ministries from European nations. The next gathering I will be attending with them will be held in Rome during February 2018. There is a growing hunger among leaders for Restoration Revival in Europe.


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