Freedom Talks Report by Terry Law

Historic Religious Freedom Talks in Midst of Kurdish Referendum

 (Kurdistan, Iraq) September 25 - Dr. Terry Law, the founder of World Compassion, is in Erbil, Kurdistan today to observe the vote of the Kurdish people in their historic Referendum that could ultimately lead to an independent Kurdistan–a move that would not only change every world map existing today, but also significantly alter the lives of Christians and religious minorities in the Middle East. For the first time in more than 1,000 years, true religious freedoms, protections, and equality could come to an Islamic nation.

Terry Law holding book with delgates 

Terry Law holding book with delgates 

 In the middle of August, a delegation led by Dr. Law of World Compassion, a faith-based humanitarian organization from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was invited by the Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani and the Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Karim Sinjari, to be a liaison between the KRG and top Christian leaders in Kurdistan to help begin the process of defining Christian liberties in their constitution, which is now being drafted. 

 Dr. Terry Law invited an ecumenical delegation of Christian leaders, experts in constitutional law and a former Canadian Provincial Cabinet minister to assist in the beginning stages of this process in early September. These discussions come at a critical political moment, as Kurdistan is holding a referendum on Sept. 25, 2017, to vote on whether or not people living in Kurdish territory should become their own independent nation. 

 The purpose of these meetings was for the delegation to meet and listen to the concerns and desires of Christians in the region and assist in making sure their voices are represented in the new constitution. 

 “Although politics is involved, we still believe the KRG has a genuine interest in seeing a more secular government developed in Kurdistan, whether they become independent or remain a semi-autonomous region of Iraq. As a result, the Kurdish region could become a ‘safe haven’ not only for millions of Christians, but also other religious minorities from the Middle East such as the Yazidi people,” World Compassion’s President Jason Law said.


 After a week-long series of meetings, the delegation drafted a document and presented it to Mr. Sinjari, summarizing the desires of Christian leaders in the region. The document is intended to be a starting point in hopes of ongoing discussions to see the suggested language grafted into their new constitution. 

 “Never before, to my knowledge, has this kind of opportunity presented itself. Think of it. A potentially new nation is offering to protect the rights and security of Christians in the Middle East,” World Compassion Founder Dr. Terry Law said. 

 Dr. Terry Law and Jason Law are available for interviews to discuss these unfolding events. A media kit is available from their recent meetings with KRG officials and Christian leaders.

 Questions and other inquiries may be directed to World Compassion’s Media Producer, Caroline Boyd at