Across the World with Jonathan Hansen!

Oct. 19 – Jonathan Hansen News Summary Reports from the last few months of world travels. Dr. Hansen is the Founder and President of World Ministries International (WMI).  WMI is an Apostolic/Prophetic alliance with ICAL


In Israel, Dr. Hansen spent 11 days with members of the Knesset and world Jewish congress interviewing them on television to show the world the reality of what was happening in Israel. They also honored Dr. Hansen at the Night to honor the friends of Israel.


In Kenya, Dr. Hansen met with leaders and spoke at an apostolic church at the election time trying to unite the churches to vote for candidates that represent the kingdom of God which would bring peace and prosperity to a nation. He also had a WMI staff retreat.


In Malaysia, Dr. Hansen again spoke at one of the strongest churches challenging them to be a beacon of light to be an example to other churches on how to extend the kingdom of God in a Muslim nation. He also spoke to the Full Gospel businessman of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia challenging them to use their opportunities they have and influence in business to extend the kingdom of God.


In Korea, Dr. Hansen spoke for the world Holy Spirit conference sharing that only the church can bring peace to Korea and unite North and South Korea. In All Nations Dr. Hansen met Apostolically with church leaders and political leaders as an ambassador for Jesus Christ to extend His kingdom on earth.