Fires Force Evacuation for Dennis Peacocke

Apostle Dennis Peacocke

Apostle Dennis Peacocke

Apostle Dennis Peacocke, ICAL member and leader of GoStrategic, lives in Santa Rosa, California in the heart of the uncontrolled fires covering over 265 square miles of the state.

Dennis reports: “Early Monday morning, Oct 9 at 3am, we had 20 minutes to grab what we wanted from the house but forgot toiletries after packing a thousand times. Choosing what to save from a lifetime of accumulating was an experience! House made it through the night but still in the fire zone. They (fire department) are saying it could be days before we get back in the house due to eminent danger (there are still uncontained fires in the vicinity). 80 mile an hour winds pushed the fires across 6 lanes of freeway.

Dennis and Jan are living with friends. Their son Adam is 10 minutes away with no power due to burned power poles. Adam is helping coordinate amongst the pastors the relief effort within the city and with FEMA. Prayers for are needed for wisdom for him in this position of influence.

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The GoStrategic Offices are Closed until the danger is past. Jan Peacocke reported that the community of family and friends are supporting each other well. They have what they need. Based on discussions with first responders, Dennis believes the media under-reported the death toll; he thinks it is over a 100.

News reports: Fire is only 10% contained.  22 fires are burning across 265 sq miles throughout the state. Steady winds with gusts up to 45 mph (72 kph) with nearly non-existent humidity are expected to descend on the areas north of San Francisco where at least 3,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed.  There are 8,000 firemen currently are on the job and measure is being taken. Over 20,000 people are evacuated and more are expected.

"It's going to continue to get worse before it gets better," state fire Chief Ken Pimlott said Wednesday.

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