Indian Coalition Established!

Greetings from India! A land of diversity, challenges and opportunities. 

by Chris Peterson, Ambassador for India.

We have just concluded our inaugural "Indian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders Summit" in Hyderabad.  Apostle Prasad Rao had been requested by Apostle Kelly through myself to accept the appointment of Convenor of ICAL in India! He and his team did an exceptional job hosting such a wonderful Summit in a beautiful conference centre on the outskirts of Hyderabad.  


During the conference we were able to formally lay hands on Apostle Prasad and his wife Kala to set them into the office of Convenor for India. We had nearly 500 delegates register from the south to the north and a number of international guests. There were seasons of powerful worship, great freedom to release the anointed word into the leaders and nation and a wonderful spirit of unity among all the diverse languages and people groups present. 

The leaders that gathered represented thousands of congregations and the effect of the release of revelation and faith will reach across the land. 

We have yet to confirm a membership response but we are expecting it to be in the hundreds.

Prasad Rao and Kala Rao Convenors.jpg

 India is the largest open mission-field in the history of the world and is waiting for the Apostolic church to arise in power and advance strategically to reap a ripened harvest.  

Please pray that these leaders will take the fire back to their churches and regions and for Apostle Prasad as he leads this movement forward in faith. 

Chris Peterson, Ambassador for India