ZAMBIA Mission with Mike Gammill

Mike Gammill (son of Dana Gammill, Pastor and USCAL member) conducted an educational and supplies mission trip to Zambia this summer.  He and his team ministered and trained many youth and adults especially about health and their unique design by God along with bible lessons.  

The women on the team, including Mike's fiance in pink in the photo above,  explained various issues that womennever speak about in this culture traditionally. Due to a lack of basic education and the lack of practical supplies, the young ladies cannot attend school for a week of every month. They were given supplies and education by the women on the team. This helped the Zambian women with a renewed sense of dignity and self-respect. And can greatly change their lives.

Mike also preached in a village called Sekute, near Livingston, Zambia., named after the famous Dr. Livingston, the extraordinary missionary/explorer from England who passed away in Zambia.

Come hear Mike at this year's Congress in November sharing a Next Generation message!