CitiHope Delivered $2.36 Million in Medicine to Malawi!

In July, CitiHope partnered with ShareHope and delivered over $2.36 million in medicines to Save Lives in Malawi.  ShareHope is a partnership with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation. The medicines, which included antibiotics to treat a wide variety of infectious diseases, and glyburide and metformin to treat Type 2 diabetes were delivered to three Malawian hospitals. The medicines provide treatment to 9,401 patients.

They also delivered Medical equipment to Ekwendeni Mission Hospital in Mzuzu in northern Malawi. The hospital director expressed her gratitude to CitiHope and its partners for the support in helping her patients access medicines that are currently in short supply across Malawi. 

Photo of the donation of life-saving medicines is unloaded at Ekwendeni Mission Hospital in northern Malawi.   LEARN HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED!