St. Lucia Coalition Formed

Bishop McLorren, Ap. Stair, Biship Eresthe 

Bishop McLorren, Ap. Stair, Biship Eresthe 

On August 9, Apostle Sydney Stair, ICAL Ambassador to the Caribbean, met with about two dozen apostolic leaders in St. Lucia for two days.  He presented the ICAL vision and strategy and discussed the value of forming an Apostolic Coalition with the leaders.

Apostle Stair has meet several times over the years with leaders on the island of St. Lucia and was very blessed when they accepted the opportunity to form their own Coalition!

Many of the leaders are members of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (P.A.W.I).

Bishop Thomas Eresthe, a very respected bishop who is the Presiding Bishop over P.A.W.I,  humbly requested that Bishop Emmanuel Mc Lorren (Pastor of the Bethel Tabernacle Empowerment Center) to be the Convener for the St. Lucia Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. We are pleased to announce that Bishop Emmanuel Mc Lorren is the new Convenor and 18 leaders have submitted membership requests!

An Apostolic Summit is for October 26 with Apostle Kelly attending to officially welcome our new family members and meet these mighty women and men of God.  

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