European French Speaking Apostolic Leaders Gathering Report by Jean-Marc Potenti

The first European French Speaking Apostolic Leaders Gathering for 2016 was held in April in Avignon, France. Our vision for the leaders was to: To connect apostolic leaders and networks for a greater manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our nations.

What we have shared and achieved:  

This was a major European meetingevent, not only French. We experienced fellowship in the presence of the Lord as well as in His vision for our nations. We shared our understanding of the Kingdom vision, apostolic and prophetic ministries and networks. And we shared the challenges for some among us to enter in a greater apostolic and prophetic dimension.

Our fellowship was a great blessing to be gathered together, with the joy of mutual discovering in a deeper way. It was a feeling of a momentum preparing the future and not only an event for us.

We shared mutual burdens,  generational transfer, evangelization, and many more common areas of need ; a vital part of connecting.   And thinking about our spiritual discernment for Europe for: What the Lord is doing and the main spiritual and ethical challenges.

We have a great desire to pursue our vision purposes by gathering twice a year, and to welcome more people living in the same vision. 

Definition of the final aim: Establishing a spiritual government for the good of our nations

Next meeting will be in October 2016.

Jean-Marc Potenti   /

Reseaunc Network of Churches and Ministries-

*Avignon is named the Popes city. Some popes lived there from 1309 to 1423.