9 Ways The Spirit Of Jezebel Can Rule A Nation by Joseph Mattera

Scripture teaches us that a nation can be over run by the ruling demonic spirit operating through a powerful political or religious leader. Demonic spirits can also infiltrate a culture through education, arts, entertainment, and media. Infiltration can also take place through lobbyists and lower level political foot soldiers working on the staff of elected officials to influence policy.  The fact that the enemy works through political and religious leaders is clear in scripture (Read Revelation 16:13-15; Acts 13:6-9).

In this particular article, I am focusing on the demonic influence of Jezebel. Lest anyone think that I am becoming too mystical regarding my view of Jezebel, we find a reference to this in Revelation 2:20-23, in which Jesus rebukes a church for tolerating Jezebel.  I doubt these passages are referring to a literal woman named Jezebel, but they either refer to an unholy congregational culture and or a person demonically embodying Jezebel of old. Who was Jezebel? She was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Sidonians who was a Baal worshipper whom Ahab, the king of Israel married, probably for the sake of a political alliance. Connected with this narrative in 1 Kings 16:31-34 is the practice of child sacrifice, which is akin to our modern day practice of abortion. (Some Satanists connect abortion with a ritual offering to the devil, in which they view as a satanic human sacrifice”) The stakes are always very high regarding who the ruling entity is over a nation. If a nation ever comes totally under the control of Jezebel, it’s persona will loose hordes of the demonic upon that nation resulting in the proliferation of perversion, rebellion, child killing and intolerance on a scale most people have never experienced before!

The purpose of this article is to give the body of Christ more discernment regarding their choice of a religious or political leader and also so they can pray against the looming spirit of Jezebel that is trying to overtake the nations!

The following are nine ways the Jezebel spirit rules a nation

1-There is a marriage based on gaining political power

As we read in 1 Kings 16:31, King Ahab married the daughter of another King, (Ethbaal) most likely to consolidate political power and influence for himself. It is common for Jezebel to enter into a marriage of convenience that accommodates the lust for power both spouses have. With Jezebel, it is always power and politics first, people second.

2-There is a propagation of child sacrifice in the land

Whenever a political leader cannot protect the most innocent among them, like the unborn human, you cannot trust them to protect and value the sanctity of human life. In the case of the United States, even though Planned Parenthood was shown (video recordings demonstrates this to be true beyond a reasonable doubt) to abort the unborn for the sake of selling and harvesting their body parts, you still have political leaders like Hillary Clinton champion their cause. She is the only presidential candidate ever to receive the endorsement of P.P.

3-Jezebel operates through fear and intimidation

King Ahab would tell Jezebel what bothered him, and then she would act on his behalf (and do what her husband was to afraid to do himself). We see this in 1 Kings 19:1-3 when Ahab reported to Jezebel that Elijah killed all the prophets of Baal and in 1 Kings 21 where he told Jezebel that he was depressed because Naboth would not sell him his vineyard. In both instances Jezebel took action, threatening the life of Elijah and executing Naboth and unlawfully giving Ahab Naboth’s vineyard. Evidently, Jezebel struck fear and intimidated all those around her, including her husband Ahab and the prophet Elijah who ran for his life from her (1 Kings 19:3). Those operating under a Jezebel spirit like to rant rave and attempt to control others by striking fear into them.

4-Jezebel has no tolerance for the prophetic word of God

The spirit of Jezebel has no tolerance for contrary opinions and wants to rule with an iron fist. She especially hates it when a person speaks the truth from the throne of God (1 Kings 19:1-3) Not long ago, the far left liberals once pushed for tolerance, but now that they enjoy more power and influence, they are trying to legislate intolerance for those who oppose their views.

There seems to be a Jezebel spirit operating through many of these political and cultural leaders who demand obedience and punish those who oppose their ideology.

5-Jezebel allows the spirit of seduction to prevail

It is interesting that in two different instances in scripture sexual immorality and Jezebel are connected. (2 Kings 9:22, Revelation 2:20-23) While there is no direct example in scripture of the Old Testament figure Jezebel participating in sexual immorality she definitely creates and or enables a culture of unbridled promiscuity in her midst. (Read 2 Kings 9:30 to see her attempt to influence people in power through seduction)

When this spirit is in a nation, church and or politics there will definitely be an acceptable environment of perversity in their midst. Political leaders operating with this spirit will have a history of promiscuity and scandal connected to them and their inner circle.

6-Jezebel is a liar

As we see so clearly in the narrative found in 1 Kings 21; (When Jezebel compelled two elders in Jezreel to bear false witness about Naboth so he can be put to death) Jezebel will continually lie and or stretch the truth to fit her narrative so she can have her way. With some religious or political leaders, it seems as though lies, manipulation and scandal follow them everywhere they go! This is a symptom of the spirit of Jezebel operating through them to control others. With certain political leaders in the national spotlight, there is always a scandal and accusations of lying and twisting the truth. If it continually happens then it is possible they are functioning with a Jezebel spirit.

7-Jezebel usurps the law

Jezebel is a law unto herself. She will follow it as long as it suits her and will disregard it when it doesn’t serve her ends.  Again the narrative of 1 Kings 21 illustrates this truth. Political and influential leaders operating in this principle will usually have continual legal accusations following them regarding their breach of the law and or following proper protocol.

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