CANADA Coalition Congress Summary

CANADIAN National Congress Summary by David Carsons

About 150 Apostolic Leaders and guests gathered in Toronto in early April to encourage one another and hear from God. Our Convening Apostle, George Johnson, had given an urgent call – ‘To Strengthen Canada and Disciple Nations’ and our plenary speakers ministered with great effect to that urgency. Sadly Apostle George could not be with us due to a health issue and the first thing that Apostle John Kelly did was to pray for George’s healing.

We were honored to have Dr. Carlos Gordillo and wife Modesta Jimenez with us from Mexico City. Dr. Carlos is the Convening Apostle for CIMA, Coalición Internacional Mexicana de Apóstoles and brought greetings and a moving personal testimony of his wife’s healing that touched many hearts.

Then we heard from our invited: John P. Kelly, Dennis Peacocke, and Lance Wallnau.

ICAL’s International Convenor, Apostle John P.  Kelly began by explaining Jesus’s Strategy.  He exhorted us to build up the Apostolic Church that emphasizes the authority of the believer in marriage, family, society, and government. 

Dennis Peacocke – has a vision for ‘Discipling of the Nations’ which is no small task as he maintained that we are not unified in the mission or the training of people for the mission. Training should be a lifestyle and every day should be training day.  The Big questions are, ‘How do I change my neighborhood?’ and ‘God, what do you have to change in me?’

 Apostle Peacocke explained the Statesmen movement to provide:

      1. Public Policy for finance, banking, health care, social security, immigration, etc.

      2. Community Transformation and more.     

Dennis recalled the influence of the Latter Rain revival that was birthed in Canada.

Lance Wallnau shared in his enthusiastic way with many stories and with the inevitable white board and distinctive diagrams. In spite of the humor the tone was very serious about strategies for Canada. He also stated that we are at the time of the end and quoting Daniel 12 said that sealed up books are about to be opened. We should be the people who stretch out to God for revelation for this hour.

The Congress closed with a warm invitation from Apostle Barry Boucher, to come to Ottawa next year, April 18-20, to support our next Congress and celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in our capitol city!


(c) 2016 David Carson,  CCAL Executive Coordinator