Puerto Rico Annual Summit Report

Sep. 20, 2016


Report on the 5th National Summit of Apostolic Leaders in Puerto Rico Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are grateful to God because he has given us the opportunity to work with such an excellent team of Ministers in this 5th National Summit of Apostolic Leaders in Puerto Rico that took place this year in the city of Mayaguez.

I want to give a special thank you to the Apostles Walter Santiago and Damaris Acosta, hosts of the event, and his team "Ministerio de Restauración Maná de el Cielo " Church, they served each Minister and Leader that came with Excellence, and with extraordinary coordination of each of the aspects that this kind of event entails. Excellence was manifested from the time we reached the parking lot as the servants of the house served each attendee with honor. There was not a single detail in which the hosts and the entire team of Church " Ministerio de Restauración Maná de el Cielo " did not shine and display their passion for serving.

Now I want to share a brief summary report of the event.

In the workshops and lectures, we had Apostle Mark Pfeiffer 4 times, 2 times during the mornings and two times during the evening.

Apostle Mark Pfeifer established in each of his presentations an excellent foundation on the Apostolic Church and its national responsibilities, etc.

Apostle Miguel Pérez, Apostle Ambassador, had a lecture under the theme; "Zapatero a su zapato" in which he touched points related to the Apostolic Leadership vs. the Ecclesiastic Leadership, among other things.

Apostle Sydney Stair, Apostle Ambassador of Latin America and the Caribbean had a turn and talked about "Refocusing".

Apostle Nandy Perez shared an excellent dissertation accompanied with a visual presentation about Apostolic foundations and the need for unity among other things.

Mickey Medina, Convenor

Mickey Medina, Convenor

Our host Apostle Walter Santiago brought a powerful dissertation during the 2nd and last day of the workshops in which he touched important points on the importance of getting involved and bringing significant changes that transform each city through the apostolic movement.

Throughout the event we had the special participation of the Psalmist Robert Ortiz

I want to give Thanks to all the participants from near and far that gathered at this 5th National Summit of Apostolic Leaders in Puerto Rico.

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Apostle Dr. Mickey Medina, Convening Apostle CLAPR