Haiti Highlights from Ray Gimenez

Ray Gimenez is one of ICAL’s Ambassadors to Haiti. He and his wife Mary Anne have established a dozen churches in Haiti under their own ministry - Victory Center Ministries based in the USA. The Haiti church headquarters is in the city of Petit Goave and has more than 2,000 members. To meet a great need, they recently began Victory Center orphanage with 40 orphans (photo below). The flyer below shows how you can help support this great work. .

Apostle Gimenez reports that he and Mary Anne traveled to Haiti in March 2015 to explore the possibilities of starting an apostolic council in the country.  They meet with a host of leaders throughout Haiti and Ray explained the mission of his assignment as an ambassador of ICAL. They set more meetings and he returned in July and where he met a visionary prophet and other leaders. Together, they are planning 10 special meetings in 2016 around the country to organize an Apostolic Movement.

They invited Apostle John Kelly to come and address the key apostles and leaders of the country in April.  The goal is to establish the first ever ICAL council with a native convening Apostle and advance the Kingdom of God in Haiti!

Pray for this great outreach and for all the leaders in Haiti to unite a build a strong apostolic company!