Announcing a Strategic Change!

A Strategic Change occurred yesterday -
       The ICAL web store is now working through Cornerstone Payment Systems, a Christian company in California. The payments for the conference, dues, etc. link is now-           

The store looks the same. NOW, however, the Link on the Current Registrations Forms you may have - will NO longer work - please use   Of course, you can always go to click on the Store and that will take you to the same place. 

 THANK YOU to Bryce Eldridge! ICAL gives a tremendous thanks to Bryce Eldridge who voluntarily designed the ICAL web store and website in 2010.  Bryce continues to manage the website as a blessing to ICAL. This move allows Bryce to focus on his growing business at Knowledge House and places the ICAL store functions onto a fully Christian platform. We encourage you to contact Bryce for Websites and much more to advance your ministry/business!