Welcome New Ambassador for South East Asia

JK-Vee Sitoh cr 300 Sept 2015.jpg

ICAL welcomes Apostle Vee Sitoh! He leads of the Asia Apostolic Alliance (AAA), a network of leaders including members in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. Apostle Sitoh and others from the AAA network have been following the progress of ICAL for some time. Apostle Sitoh arranged a meeting in Dallas on September 9 with Apostle John P. Kelly, where he was officially welcomed into ICAL.

Apostle Kelly then appointed him to be one of the ICAL Ambassadors to Central and South East Asia Region including Hong Kong, China, Tiawan and Malaysia. Apostle Vee is looking forward to meeting ICAL members this November at the Convergence Congress on November 9-12.