Madagascar – National Transformation by Josimar Salum

I just returned from Madagascar where God is doing a great work. These brothers and sisters are calling out to each of us at ICAL to partner with them for National Transformation. It appears they are in the first steps of bringing apostles together for national transformation and advancing their efforts for political transformation. While sharing apostolic principles with one of the Malagasy leaders, I learned that he is working with a core group of church and business leaders to form a political party called "Our Madagascar" and plans to prepare a candidate to run for president. They have over 10,000 volunteers and leaders across the country.

They have TV and Radio programs just to share the Kingdom along with the strategic seven mountain messages. They are training many people and getting them ready to be mobilized.

In these few days I have met many leaders who grasped the possibility of being part of disciplining a nation! We know the only way to disciple a nation is through strong influencers. Here I am serving these brothers and sisters who love their nation so much that they refuse to be theoretical, but they are doing practical things to further the Kingdom of God. I taught in a few places as part of what I call School of Transformation and have met leaders in all spheres of society.

We are endeavoring to identify youth, open minded pastors, business leaders, educators and real apostolic leaders to develop relationships for this nation with the main goal of serving them. We met with market place leaders and some pastors, including doctors, university professors, business people, influential pastors and others who are part of a network that has been meeting regularly to strategically plan to run the nation and bring tangible transformation in the country. One leader, Camille, has been strongly impacted by what we have shared and by the teachings of the books I gave him three years ago; he has been really reading, studying  and thinking through all we have been publishing in these last years through blogs, emails, etc. He is seriously taking the challenge by implementing intentionally with others structures, processes and means to accomplish the shaping of the Madagascar soul. 

We also met the president of the pastor’s federation (supervises more than 1000 churches) along with two other pastors and had a profitable conversation on the Kingdom. In the afternoon we lectured to about 40 college students of John's school, they do not have only Christian, but hundreds of non-Christian students, many of them children of wealthy Malagasy. Tomorrow we will have a whole day of school of transformation.

I worked with leaders to find ways to reach out to pastors, market place leaders, health agents, educators and the youth. On Sunday afternoon, we met with all the leaders of their core group to listen and share ways to converge all the efforts for this transformation project.

I planted the seeds for an apostolic coalition and I am seeing a positive response for the idea, especially an interest to connect with Kingdom like-minded people from USA and other parts of the world. Many leaders already provide social assistance for the poor, education programs and other social outreach. They only have to catalyze through their relationships all these efforts in a common platform to show they are one in a way the society will see them as one solid block of influence. 

I am really humbled to be part of this and thankful that Jesus had put Paul Taylor, a friend by my side to travel to this huge island that will be known for the Glory of the Lord shining at the Africa east coast to the whole earth. I am so encouraged to serve these brothers and sisters, faithful sons of the King. Our goal is to leave Madagascar with four main things in place. Please, write to for information.

These brothers and sisters are calling out to each of us at ICAL to partner with them! If you are an ICAL member who wants to help, contact: Josimar Salum - /