Apostolic Movement

FUTURES ALLIANCE initiated to advance the Apostolic Movement! USCAL Convenor Apostle Joseph Mattera and Frank Dupree recently met with four young leaders: Apostle Nathan Culver (USCAL member) Apostle D. Aaron Sherron (USCAL member), Justin Kendrick and Sean LaBella in Brooklyn, NY to create the Futures Alliance as a component of USCAL. The vision is to connect, equip and mentor future Fivefold leadership in the church and marketplace. 

Dupree writes: “They plan to create a platform for mutually beneficial relationships involving the exchange of ideas and partnerships between older and younger leaders. We believe this will result in perpetuating the effectiveness of the Apostolic Movement into the next two generations. Also assisting in the initiative: USCAL National Council Members Steve Fedyski, Lance Wallnau and Kristina Hosch.  We are planning meetings to connect seasoned Apostolic Leaders with fifty 20-40 year old, high upside leaders for mentoring, training and impartation.”