Brasil Coalition News by Fernando Guillen

This June, Apostle Renê Terranova, the Convenor for ICAL/Brasil, hosted the 18th Cell Movement and Open Heavens Conference in Manaus, Brasil. More than 7000 apostolic leaders (under Apostle Terranova’s leadership) attended from 18 nations and the 27 states of Brasil during the Conference focused on Restoring the Holy Priesthood.

Apostle John P. Kelly, the ICAL International Convenor, Apostle Fernando Guillen the ICAL Latin American Convenor Apostle Jan-Aage Torp, the ICAL Continental Convenor for Europe, also participated in the conferences. During the four days of Apostolic Impartation and Open Heavens Conference, the apostolic leaders received important principles for the transformation of Society.

There was a time for Apostolic Commissioning where more than 500 leaders aligned with Apostle Renê Terranova and the Brasilian Coalition were commissioned by Apostle John Kelly and Apostle Renê as apostles for their regions to bring Social Transformation.

It’s important to remark that it was Apostle Terranova’s 54th Anniversary, so in the midst of the conference, Apostle John Kelly prophesied over Apostle Renê’s life releasing his destiny into a new level.

The Conference ended in the Samba Stadium with more than 150 thousand people gathered for an special celebration of the harvest. One special moment was when Apostle Kelly prophesied over Thalles Roberto about his calling as an evangelist and prophet in the Arts and Entertainment Mountain. Thalles is the most famous singer in Brasil with more than 7 million followers in Facebook.

We treasure these memorable days with thousands of apostolic leaders and followers of Christ celebrating what our Lord is doing through his people to transform society in Brasil and the nations!