Congratulations to Sydney Stair - New International Ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean!


On June 2, a special service was held during the Puerto Rico Apostolic Summit in which former Convener of CLAPR, Apostle Sydney Stair, was commissioned as an International Ambassador to Latin America and the Caribbean. Apostle Mickey Medina was then commissioned as the new Convener of CLAPR. This was a historic moment and a time of great celebration!

Apostle Stair is highly regarded throughout the Caribbean nations. Among his many ministry roles, he is the primary interpreter for well-known speakers such as Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo when they are in these countries.

Afterwards, his church gave him a wonderful honor. Here are his thoughts on the event:

On June 2, 2015, during our Puerto Rico Annual Summit, I was commissioned by the Apostle John Kelly (along with Apostle Joseph Mattera and Apostle Miguel Perez), as the International Ambassador for Latin America and The Caribbean. As a result, my church prepared a special celebration in a symbolic and prophetic act releasing me to the nations. I must say it was a total surprise!

I was given all the flags of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and the lettering on the banner says basically: “We congratulate our apostle Sydney Stair for his commissioning as ICAL ambassador to Latin America and the Caribbean. I was dressed with an ambassadorial ribbon. They know I love cakes so they prepared a cake with a landscape of the Caribbean. It was one celebration that I really did not expect.

The pastors and elders that were present prayed over me releasing my beautiful queen [wife] Ydsia and me to the nations. My daughter Melody gave four keys, symbolizing the four corners of the world and spoke some beautiful over me. The presence of the Lord invaded the sanctuary. The entire congregation busted out in emotional applause making mention of the many prophetic words I have received in this regards.

I personally want to thank Apostle Kelly for believing in me and wanting me to be a part of this major project. I bless him with all my heart and I’m trusting in the good Lord that the Holy Spirit will help me to do a good job on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven.